Integrative Therapy Discovery Lab S.r.l. was created from an idea of Prof. Massimo Nabissi, with the participation of the University of Camerino.

ITD Lab is an innovative R&D startup focused on the development of patents for the formulation of phytotherapy and cannabis-based products.

These products are going through a period of strong growth: phytotherapy-based products recorded an increase of 6.4% and their value reached 2.5 billion euros in the last two years, corresponding to 10% of the turnover of the Italian pharmaceutical market, while cannabis-based products boast 263 million consumers throughout the world for an annual expenditure of 344 billion dollars.

Our main goal is to constantly propose technologically advanced systems to improve the quality of the products and their therapeutic efficacy, as well as to become a global reference in the research and development of phytotherapeutic and cannabinoid products.
At the moment, there are few entrepreneurial initiatives such as ITD Lab capable of addressing the issue of the use of phytotherapics in an in-depth and specific way on the role and effectiveness in various diseases, in particular those of an immune, inflammatory and oncological nature with the aim of validating or developing new therapeutic compositions.